Carl Froch Contemplating Comeback Bout Against Gennady Golovkin

By BT1
Nov. 16, 2016

By Danny Howard

In the past few weeks, it is pretty obvious that there’s something in the air that is making some pretty bad ideas just spring up in the sport.

We’ve gone from rematches we don’t want with Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao II and Saul Alvarez vs. Miguel Cotto II being openly discussed, practically every fight happening on one day for the rest of the year on December 10 and Luis Ortiz vs. Malik Scott just happened, but we can add Carl Froch’s supposed return talk to the list.

The former Super Middleweight champion seems bored enough with retirement and brimming with confidence that he has revealed he has been in contact for a return fight against none other than Middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin. Froch hasn’t fought in nearly two years and looked as shaky as he ever did in two fights against George Groves, both fights he won via a hail mary knockout.

Boisterous as ever, Froch is almost daring Golovkin’s team to accept the fight and bringing some light to their aborted talks when their fight was previously discussed after the second Groves fight. At one time, Froch was willing to meet Golovkin at a catchweight of 172 pounds for the fight, but Froch alleges that Golovkin’s camp wanted to cap the weight at 164. Not having anything to gain at the time, Froch packed up and committed to his retirement.

Now the offer seems back on the table, which is odd considering that a few weeks ago, Golovkin’s team were still in negotiations with Daniel Jacobs for a February fight. It wouldn’t be the first time Golovkin’s team has used a smoke and mirrors approach in making their next fight. When negotiations spontaneously collapsed with Chris Eubank Jr earlier this year, it took only a few days for Golovkin to announce his fight with Kell Brook complete with an entire press kit to go along with it.

Still, Golovkin pursuing Froch is an easy cash grab for him and serves a better purpose for him in the long run than a fight with Jacobs. Even though Froch is ancient, the fight will be a mega-event in the UK to rival Saul Alvarez’s latest fight and giving Golovkin some much needed leverage if he so chooses to pursue Alvarez after the climb in weight.

At his best, it wouldn’t have been shocking for Froch to beat Golovkin, but at 39 and looking every bit an old fighter in his last fight out, it’d be easy pickings for the Middleweight champion.

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