Floyd Mayweather And Lil' Kim's Baby Mama Drama

By BT1
Feb. 14, 2014

Make of this what you will, but rapper Lil' Kim is pregnant and rumors have been flying that five-division world champ, Floyd Mayweather could be the father.

The story began as one little post in a small online entertainment site, but quickly spread as larger news agencies picked up the story.

There's no real evidence to support the idea that Kim is having Floyd's child, other than the fact that the two have been, apparently carrying on some sort of relationship for a fairly long time and that they seemed "inseparable" around the time of Mayweather's September bout with Saul "Canelo" Alvarez.

Kim is about four months pregnant so, yeah, do the math.

However, this could all be part of a publicity stunt to promote Kim's upcoming reality series. New York rapper Mr. Papers has publicly stated that he is the father of Kim's baby and, apparently, a DNA test will be done during the reality show to determine the identity of the child's father. Classy.

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