Luis Ortiz Decisions Malik Scott in Dreadful Heavyweight Clash

By BT1
Nov. 13, 2016

By Danny Howard

Not wanting the sole distinction of having just one of the worst fights of the year aired on their network, HBO Boxing decided that it had to top Andre Ward vs. Alexander Brand and made sure that they weren’t going to miss out on airing Luis Ortiz vs. Malik Scott, a fight that was dreadful on paper and practically unwatchable in reality.

Ortiz was making his debut after signing with Eddie Hearn after a tumultuous past few months where he broke ties with Golden Boy Promotions and the fight was made with Scott as a tune up for a future title shot sometime next year. While Hearn and Ortiz wanted to make a fight as soon as they could, it was a head-scratching decision to put him in against a foe whose own pitiful performance dragged his charges stock way down.

From the very beginning, Scott fought like a man in absolute terror of Ortiz. His inactivity over the course of the first few rounds was unbelievable, averaging less than ten punches thrown per round, and there was not one single moment that Scott attempted to make a fight.

With Scott in perpetual lateral movement and not engaging, Ortiz had to awkwardly press the attack and succeeded in dropping Scott three times throughout the course of the fight, but the very frustrated Ortiz was unable to deliver for his UK debut. Ortiz had to settle for a decision against his pacifist minded opponent and won by scores of 120-105, 120-106 and 119-106.

Though extremely disappointed by his performance, both Ortiz and promoter Hearn are thinking a quick turnaround is in order. The Cuban, now 26-0, may be right back on the air against David Price on the undercard of Anthony Joshua vs. Eric Molina in hopes that a more devastating performance erases not only this eye sore, but the nearly-as-bad bout with Tony Thompson from earlier this year.

While it is unfortunate that Scott continues to be mentioned in this article, he falls to 38-3-2 in a performance that bordered between pathetic and sad. The former amateur standout did himself no favors in his silent surrender and fought like a man happy to hear that his paycheck cleared.

The only positive that can be taken from this, by far the worst fight of the past 25 years, is that Ortiz will be matched properly ahead of his eventual title shot and Scott may never be seen again.

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