Three are Three too many in UK Boxing

By BT1
Nov. 20, 2016

By Ted Sares

?“Thoughts are with Eduard Gutknecht after tonight’s fight,” Tweeted Groves’ trainer Shane McGuigan.

&Out of respect to Eduard Gutknecht and his family's privacy I don't want to say too much but we were all deeply concerned to hear that he was taken to hospital after the fight last night.--Groves

Super-middleweight contender George Groves busted up tough and game Eduard Gutknecht over 12 one-sided rounds by scores of 119-110 and 119-109 (twice) . Gutknecht - born in Kazakhstan but fighting out of Germany –became distressed in his dressing room after the fight and was rushed to a hospital via ambulance and eventually operated on. Reportedly, Gutknecht needed resuscitating in the emergency vehicle after he “briefly stopped breathing and was drifting in and out of consciousness”.

After learning of Gutknecht’s condition, Groves cancelled plans to discuss his performance at a post-fight press conference reflecting the solemnity of the situation

Ironically, at the very same venue last March, English middleweight Nick Blackwell collapsed at the end of his TKO loss to Chris Eubank Jr. He suffered bleeding on his skull and was treated at the same nearby hospital and fortunately recovered, but he will never box again. 

Then, in September, Scottish welterweight Mike Towell died just hours after losing to Dale Evans in Glasgow. He too had suffered severe bleeding and swelling to his brain. 

Back in March 2013, Brit boxer Michael Norgove was taken ill his sixth fight of his career, after two years away from the sport and later died of brain hemorrhage.

And let’s not forget Chris Henry, Spencer Oliver, Paul Ingle, Rod Douglass, and Michael Watson,

While the win will position “The Saint” for still another crack at a world title, the implications of the fight could again initiate calls for boxing to be banned. At some point it might be sage to look at the rather obvious common threads in these tragedies, as there are many. 

This also might be appropriate: 

Ted Sares is one of the world’s oldest active power lifters and holds several records. He enjoys writing about boxing and is a member of Ring 4's Boxing Hall of Fame.